Vulcan – vc5 series – install guide


Verify that the gas and electrical service agrees with the specifications listed on the equipment rating plate.

Verify the clearances of each piece of equipment. Clearances are marked on the data tag. Pay close attention to the clearances for both combustible and non-combustible materials for both the sides and the rear of the equipment.

The data tag for a Vulcan Convection Oven can be located behind the trim panel at the front bottom of the oven, under the oven door.


All convection ovens must be installed on legs or be mounted to a stand. Ovens should not be installed on any surface that will restrict air circulation and must be installed in accordance with all national, state and local codes. Updated standards (NFPA-7O and NFPA Standard #96) are available through the National Fire Protection Association.


  1. Important: Verify that the flue deflector has been removed from the top oven and that the stacking flue has been properly mounted to both ovens.
  2. If mounting with casters, a flexible connector* must be used (not supplied by Vulcan). Note: Operators will also need a quick-disconnect device that complies with the ANSI-Z21.41 / CSA 6.9 standard.
  3. Once installed, it’s imperative that operators minimize movement. A restraining device should be attached at the rear of the oven to ensure the equipment is stationary.
  4. Shared piping allows each oven to receive gas from one connection. Pipe joints should be sealed with

*Connectors must be ANSI Z21.69 / CSA 6.16 compliant.


If using single power source for both ovens:

  1. Verify that all wires are routed from the top oven to the bottom oven are connected.
  2. Confirm the power supply conduit has been attached to the bottom of the lower oven.
  3. Confirm that the top flue deflector has been removed from the stacking flue.

If using separate power sources for both ovens:

  1. Ensure that each individual oven has been wired properly according to the diagram below, and that each oven has a power supply conduit attached at the bottom of the ovens.
  2. Confirm that top oven vent guard has been removed from the stacking flue.


Ensure that oven has been properly leveled in it’s final install position before connecting gas lines. To ensure a quality product, it is imperative that the oven is completely level. Without it, operators run the risk of having an unevenly baked product every time. For ovens installed on legs, adjust the feet front-to-back and side-to-side.

For casters, loosen screws and turn to level the oven, then re-tighten.


Vulcan VC5 Convection Ovens are supplied with gas through an inlet at the rear of the oven. Verify that a shutoff valve has been installed on the gas line before the oven is installed and remember – gas should not be connected until the oven has been properly leveled.


Gas connection pipes must beĀ¾” to supply the required gas volume and pressure to properly operate the oven. Ovens are outfitted with a built-in electronic regulator and electronic ignition. No external regulator is necessary.


Check burner air during lnstallatlon to ensure proper air flow. Flame should burn blue in the flame chamber and heat exchanger tubes.


The flue should remain unobstructed. Flue gases need to be ventilated to the outside of the building through use of a hood venting system with a minimum clearance of 18″.


Ensure proper grounding connections are available before installing. VC series ovens are supplied with a 120 V/60 Hz/1 PH cord and plug.

Always refer to the procedures as instructed in the Installation & Operation manual for your specific model. Manuals may be found by visiting the Vulcan website and clicking on RESOURCES at the top right of the home page.

Remember that cooking equipment and its parts are hot. Use care when operating, cleaning or performing maintenance.

This product Is eligible for a FREE New Equipment Checkout performed by Hobart Service or an authorized Independent Service Technician.

Contact a Vulcan Sales Representative for more information.

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Vulcan Grab-and-Go Oven Racks have a notched-out design that allow users to grab pans easily and safely from the oven to help protect operators from burns.


Lift-off doors allow for greater oven access and full independent door operation. Operators are free to open doors simultaneously without the fear of a chain mechanism failure.


Vulcan’s VC5 ovens feature 11 slots for racks to rest. Each oven is furnished with 5 Grab-and-Go racks and they can be placed however operators see fit.

Be mindful that convection ovens feature a fan within the cavity to help circulate heat-meaning users should get an even bake no matter how the racks are stacked or where the product resides in the oven.

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