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K-Series Kettles

Gas Valve Adjustment


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This Manual is prepared for the use of trained Hobart Service Technicians and should not be used by those not properly qualified.

This manual is not intended to be all encompassing. If you have not attended a Hobart Service School for this product, you should read, in its entirety, the repair procedure you wish to perform to determine if you have the necessary tools, instruments and skills required to perform the procedure. Procedures for which you do not have the necessary tools, instruments and skills should be performed by a trained Hobart Service Technician.

The reproduction, transfer, sale or other use of this Manual, without the express written consent of Hobart, is prohibited.


K-Series Kettles Gas Valve Adjustment



  • Combustion Analyzer
  •  Standard Hand Tools

The kettle must have a minimum gas pressure of 7” W.C. on natural gas and 11” on propane gas.

Disconnect the electrical power to the machine and follow lockout / tagout procedures.

  1. Remove right side panel on kettle to access gas valve.
  2. Bottom out adjustment screw by turning it clockwise.

Fig. 1

3. Turn adjustment screw counterclockwise 9 ½ turns (this will allow the kettle to fire regardless of if it is natural gas or propane).

4. Set-up burner with combustion analyzer.

    1. Set motor speed control board settings to:8 for Low Fire with Air pressure at -0.06. C- for High Fire with Air pressure at -0.19.

NOTE: Step B is for raw adjustment of new valve.

2. Turn adjustment screw on the gas valve counterclockwise 10 turns for propane or 15 turns for natural gas.

3. Turn temperature control to BOIL and turn on power switch to initiate ignition series.

4. After 10 minute warmup, begin sampling flue gas with a calibrated analyzer.

      • Verify CO2 reading is 10% – 12% (natural gas / propane).
      • Verify combustion analyzer reports CO air free of less than 50 ppm. If not, turn adjustment screw counterclockwise to lower CO (natural gas / propane).

NOTE: Fig. 2 item 1 shows port for pressure readings.

Fig. 2

NOTE: Hobart technicians please contact Hobart Product Suppport for technical support. All others please contact Vulcan Technical Support at (800) 814-2028, press option 2 then 5 to get to the steam support group.

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