Model V2B24B

(shown on cabinet base)


24″ wide heavy duty gas range, Vulcan Model No. V4B24 (modular) and V4B24B (cabinet base) or V4BU24 (modular) and V4BU24B (cabinet base). Stainless steel front, plate ledge, front top ledge with pull-out condiment rails, sides, base, stub back and 6″ adjustable legs. 11⁄4″ diameter front gas manifold and 11⁄4″ rear gas connection, capped. Heavy cast aeration bowls with removable cast top grates. Front grate: 111⁄2″ x 111⁄2″, rear grate: 111⁄2″ x 14″. Four 35,000 BTU/hr. heavy cast, two-piece open burners with individual pilots and controls for each burner. Total input 140,000 BTU/hr.

Exterior Dimensions:

363⁄4″d x 24″w x 36″h on 6″ adjustable legs

V4B24 4-Burners / Modular V4B24B 4-Burners / Cabinet Base V4BU24 4-Burners Set-Up / Modular

V4BU24B 4-Burners Set-Up / Cabinet Base


  • Stainless steel front, front top ledge, burner box, sides, base, and stub back
  • 11⁄4″ diameter front gas manifold with 11⁄4″ rear gas connection (capped)
  • 35,000 BTU/hr. open top burners with lift off heads
  • Individual pilots and controls for each burner
  • Heavy-duty cast grates
  • 4″ stainless steel stub riser
  • 6″ adjustable stainless steel legs for cabinet base units (no legs for modular model)
  • Stainless steel cabinet base door
  • Universal rack guides, with one removable shelf (cabinet base)
  • One year limited parts and labor warranty

OPTIONAL FEATURES (Factory Installed) Cap and cover front manifold

4″ adjustable flanged feet for modular models

Less legs for dolly mounting of cabinet base models 3″ high toe base for curb mounting

ACCESSORIES (Packaged & Sold Separately)

3⁄4″, 1″, or 11⁄4″ gas pressure regulator (specify gas type – pack loose)

Set of 4 casters, 6″ high (two locking)

6″ adjustable flanged feet for cabinet base models

Extra removable shelves for use with Universal rack guides (cabinet base)

“S” Grates Banking strip

10″, 22″, or 34″ high back risers (no shelf)

22″ single deck solid or flo-thru high shelf risers 34″ double deck solid or flo-thru high shelf risers

Flexible gas hose with quick disconnect and restraining device

Common condiment type, telescoping plate rail (starting at 24″ length)


  1. A properly sized gas pressure regulator suitable for battery or single unit application must be furnished and installed. Natural gas 6.0″ W.C., propane gas 10.0″ W.C.
  2. An adequate ventilation system is required for commercial cooking equipment. Information may be obtained by writing to the National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269, When writing, refer to NFPA No. 96.
  3. These units are manufactured for installation in accordance with ANSZ223.1A (latest edition), National Fuel Gas Code. Copies may be obtained from The American Gas Association, 400 N Capitol St. NW, Washington, DC 20001,
  4. Clearances Rear Sides

Combustible 10″ 10″

Non-combustible 0″ 0″

  1. For proper combustion, install equipment on adjustable legs or casters. On curb or platform, allow 31⁄2″ front overhang. Toe base with leveling bolts are required for curb installation. Specify when ordering.
  2. Cannot be batteried with GH series equipment.
  3. This appliance is manufactured for commercial installation only and is not intended for home use.

NOTE: In line with its policy to continually improve its product, Vulcan reserves the right to change materials and specifications without notice.

Specify type of gas when ordering. Specify altitude when above 2,000 feet.

V4B244-Burners / Modular140,000220 / 100
V4B24B4-Burners / Cabinet Base140,000295 / 134
V4BU244-Burners / Step-Up / Modular140,000220 / 100
V4BU24B4-Burners / Step-Up / Cabinet Base140,000295 / 134

This appliance is manufactured for commercial use only and is not intended for home use.

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