With KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration Systems


1ER50A                                                                          2ER50AF

1ER50D                                                                         2ER50DF

1ER50C                                                                         2ER50CF

1ER85A                                                                         2ER85AF

1ER85D                                                                         2ER85DF

1ER85C                                                                         2ER85CF

1ER50AF                                                                      3ER50AF

1ER50DF                                                                      3ER50DF

1ER50CF                                                                      3ER50CF

1ER85AF                                                                      3ER85AF

1ER85DF                                                                      3ER85DF

1ER85CF                                                                      3ER85CF




1ER50A Shown – Solid State Digital Control Casters – Accessory

                                      ENERGY STAR® RATED





Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property damage, injury or death. Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.


Vulcan Fryers are produced with quality workmanship and material. Proper installation, usage and maintenance will result in years of satisfactory performance.

Before installing the fryer, thoroughly read this manual and carefully follow all instruction.

This manual is applicable to model listed on the cover page. Procedures in this manual will apply to all models unless specified. Pictures and illustrations can be of any model unless the picture or illustration needs to be model specific.


Customers may order parts directly from their local authorized service center. If not known, call Vulcan Customer Service at 800-814-2028.

To speed up your order, provide the model number, serial number, electrical specifications, part needed, item part number (if known) and quantity needed.


This fryer was carefully inspected before leaving the factory. The carrier assumes full responsibility for the safe delivery upon acceptance of the shipment. Check for possible shipping damage immediately after receipt.

If the fryer is found to be damaged, complete the following steps:

  1. Carrier must be notified within 5 business days of receipt.
  2. Carrier’s local terminal must be notified immediately upon discovery (note time, date, and who was spoken to), and follow up and confirm with written or electronic communication.
  3. All original packing materials must be kept for inspection purposes.
  4. The fryer cannot have been moved, installed, or modified.
  5. Notify Vulcan Customer Service immediately at 800-814-2028.

Check that the following have been included:

    • Basket Rack
    • Tank Brush
    • Adjustable (4) Legs. Fryer Batteries with the KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System have legs installed from the factory.
    • Drain Pipe Extension for freestanding fryers only.
    • Twin Fry Baskets (2) per fry tank
    • Cleanout Rod
    • Fryer Batteries with the KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System
      • Filter Pan
      • Suction Tube
      • Screen Assembly
      • Boil Out ByPass™ Extension
      • 6’ high temperature discard hose
    • Manual and Warranty

Do not use the door or its handle to lift the fryer.


MODEL – GMOKw per Fry TankWidth Inch (cm) Total SystemShortening lbs. (kg) Each Fry Tank
1ER50BD1715.5″ (39)50 (23)
1ER50D1715.5″ (39)50 (23)
1ER85BD2421.0″ (53)85 (39)
1ER85D2421.0″ (53)85 (39)
1ER50C1715.5″ (39)50 (23)
1ER85C2421.0″ (53)85 (39)
1ER50AF1715.5″ (39)50 (23)
1ER50DF1715.5″ (39)50 (23)
1ER85AF2421.0″ (53)85 (39)
1ER85DF2421.0″ (53)85 (39)
1ER50CF1715.5″ (39)50 (23)
1ER85CF2421.0″ (53)85 (39)
2ER50AF1731.0″ (79)50 (23)
2ER50DF1731.0″ (79)50 (23)
2ER50CF1731.0″ (79)50 (23)
3RE50AF1746.5″ (118)50 (23)
3ER50DF1746.5″ (118)50 (23)
3ER50CF1746.5″ (118)50 (23)
4ER50AF1762.0″ (158)50 (23)
4ER50DF1762.0″ (158)50 (23)
4ER50CF1762.0″ (158)50 (23)
2ER85AF2442.0″ (107)85 (39)
2ER85DF2442.0″ (107)85 (39)
2ER85CF2442.0″ (107)85 (39)
3RE85AF2463.0″ (160)85 (39)
3ER85DF2463.0″ (160)85 (39)
3ER85CF2463.0″ (160)85 (39)

Voltage ranges are:

  • 208, 3 Phase – 50 – 60 Hz
  • 240, 3 Phase – 50 – 60 Hz
  • 480, 3 Phase – 50 – 60 Hz

Model ERA, ERD and ERC Series Fryers can be freestanding or arranged in batteries of 2 to 4 fryers. The number preceding the model number of the fryer refers to the number of fryers in a battery.


Before installing the fryer, verify that the electrical requirements agree with the specifications on the fryer data plate, which is located on the inside of the door panel.

Record your fryer model, device, and serial numbers for future reference in the space provided below. This information can be found on the fryer data plate.

Fryer Model No:


Serial No:


The fryer must be installed in accordance with:

In the United States:

    • State and local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with:
    • National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA-70 (latest edition). Copies may be obtained from The National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA. 02169-7471.

In Canada:

    • Local codes
    • CSA C22.1 Canadian Electric Code L4W 5N6.


The fryer must be restrained to prevent tipping and the splashing of hot liquid. The means of restraint may be the manner of installation, such as connection to a battery of appliances, installing the fryer in an alcove, or by separate means such as adequate ties.

Fryers with Casters: (Optional)

Separate instructions for installing casters are included with the casters:

    • The restraining device should be attached to the cutout on the back panel. See illustration for location.

    • Australia, use only the caster supplied by the manufacturer for the fryer device. The fryer must be installed using a hose assembly restraining device to limit the movement of the appliance in accordance with AS1869.
    • The fryer must be installed with a connector (not supplied by Vulcan) complying with the above codes.
    • The fryer must be installed with restraining means to guard against transmission of strain to the connector. See illustration.
    • The fryer must be installed with the casters provided.
    • If the restraint is ever to be disconnected, turn off electric supply to the fryer.
    • If the fryer is installed on casters without a supply cord it must be hard wired using flexible conduit when making connection to the power supply.


Electrical and Grounding connections must comply with the National Electrical Code and/or other local codes.

Disconnect the electrical power supply to the machine and follow lockout / tag out procedures.

Appliances equipped with a 120V flexible electric supply cord are provided with a three- prong grounding plug. It is imperative that this plug be connected                                            into a properly grounded three-prong receptacle. If the receptacle is not the proper grounding type, contact an electrician. Do not remove the grounding                                                prong from this plug.

For 480 volt fryers a separate cord and NEMA 15-5P plug is required (not supplied with the fryer). Plug in the wire connection into an approved outlet.

Place fryer as near to its final position as possible. Connect 3 phase line to X, Y and Z on terminal block. To reach terminal block, remove electric cover plate from fryer.

For each 15½” (39 cm) and 21” (53 cm) section, a 3 phase supply line capable of handling the required KW at the fryer’s rated voltage (208, 240, and 480) is needed. Refer to the fryer data plate for this electrical information.

To shield electric connection supply wiring, a permanently connected or direct wired device must be installed using flexible conduit sleeve with the appropriate                                    connectors.


Check the level of the fryer by placing a level on top of the fryer after electrical connections have been made.

Ensure that the fryer is level front-to-back and side-to-side in the final installed position. If using casters, lock the wheels after unit is level.


Hot oil and parts can cause burns. Use care when operating, cleaning and servicing the fryer.

Spilling hot frying compound can cause severe burns. Do not move fryer without draining all frying compound from the tank.


If the shortening becomes overheated, a high-temperature shutoff device will turn the heating elements off shutting down the fryer.

If the fryer shuts down due to overheating, do not turn fryer on until the shortening temperature is below 300°F (149°C).

If an overheating situation persists, contact your local Vulcan-Hart authorized service office.



New units are wiped down at the factory to remove any visible signs of dirt, oil, grease, etc. remaining from the manufacturing process.

Before any food preparation, thoroughly wash the protective oil from all surface parts and the tank interior with hot soapy water to remove any film residue and dust or debris.

Do not use chlorine or sulfate/sulfide cleaners.

  • Wash any accessories shipped with unit.
  • Rinse fryer and accessories thoroughly and drain the fryer.
  • Wipe tank completely dry with a soft, clean cloth.


    • Close the drain valve.
    • Fill the fryer tank with shortening. Vulcan recommends using liquid shortening.
    • Shortening level should be between the MIN and MAX lines in the fryer tank.
    • Shortening will expand when heated. Do not fill the fryer tank past the MAX line.
    • Press the melt switch to liquid or solid shortening.
    • Add fresh shortening as needed to maintain oil level.

Solid Shortening: Do not set a complete block of solid shortening on top of an electric fryer’s heating elements. Doing this may damage the elements and increase the potential for shortening flash fire. If solid shortening is to be used in an electric fryer, remove the baskets and crumb screen (s), and raise the elements from the tank. Pack the bottom of the tank completely with solid shortening, lower the elements and then pack the shortening completely around and over top of the elements. Lay basket rack(s) in the tank on top of the packed shortening. Follow the melt instructions in this manual. Once all shortening has been melted and the fryer has met the set temperature, fill baskets and resume frying.


  • Set the desired temperature and allow shortening to heat up to that temperature.
  • Fry items that are the same size to ensure equal doneness.
  • Drain or wipe dry raw or wet foods to minimize splatter when lowering into hot shortening.
  • Add fresh shortening as needed.

Fry Basket Guidelines

    • Do not overfill baskets. (See fry basket capacity below) Carefully lower basket into oil.
    • When frying doughnuts and fritters, turn product only once during frying.
    • When cooking French fries or onion rings, shake the basket several times.
    • Batter covered foods should be dropped carefully, one by one, into shortening or basket. If you use the basket, first dip the basket into the shortening to

reduce batter-build up on basket surfaces.

    • When frying is completed, remove basket or product. Hang basket on rear hanger.

Fry Basket Capacity:

ER50: Recommended pounds per basket are 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg).

ER85: Recommended pounds per basket are 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg).


Shortening life can be extended by the following guidelines:

    • Do not salt foods over the fryer.
    • Use good-quality shortening.
    • Filter shortening daily (at a minimum).
    • Replace shortening if it becomes poorly flavored.
    • Keep equipment and surrounding clean.
    • Set thermostat correctly.
    • Remove excess moisture and particles from food products before placing on fryer.


    • Open the door to the fryer. Turn the power switch to the on position.
    • Set temperature by turning the knob to the desired temperatures. The heating elements will begin to heat automatically.
    • The heating elements will cycle on and off, maintaining the set temperature.

Programming the Solid State Control

Programming the Computer Control


  • Open the door to the fryer. Press the power switch to the OFF position.


  1. Open the door to the fryer. Press the power switch to the OFF position.
  2. Thoroughly drain the fryer. Refer to DRAINING THE FRYER.
  3. Clean the fryer according to CLEANING.
  4. Turn off the main electric circuit breaker to fryer.


Hot oil and hot parts can cause burns. Use care when operating, cleaning, and servicing the fryer.

Filter shortening at least once a day.

    1. A cold fryer will not drain properly. Always filter shortening between 250°F and 350°F. The shortening in the cold zone area will remain hard if not heated properly. If necessary, use the clean-out rod to carefully stir the hard shortening to an area above the cold zone where it will melt.
    2. Open the door to the fryer. The power must remain ON for the fryer to filter correctly.
    3. Insert the drain extension into the drain valve. Tighten only hand tight.
    4. Direct the drain extension into Vulcan’s MF-1 mobile filter or equivalent mobile filtering device.
    5. Use the provided crumb scoop to remove the heavy debris lying on the bottom of the tank.
    6. Slowly open the drain valve to allow oil to flow from the fry tank to the filter pan or discard container. The heating elements will turn off automatically.
    7. When fry tank is empty use the tank brush to remove any additional debris.
    8. Close the drain valve.
    9. Fill tank with new shortening. Fill to a minimum of the MIN level but no high that halfway between MIN and MAX. Oil will expand as it is heated.
    10. Press the start button only after step 9 is fully completed. The fryer will begin to heat the shortening.


  1. Open the door to the fryer. The power must remain ON for the fryer to filter correctly.
  2. Insert the drain extension into the drain valve. Tighten only hand tight.
  3. Direct the drain spout into the container that you want to drain the shortening into.
  4. Open the drain valve slowly allowing the oil to drain into the container. When the container is full or the fryer tank is empty, close the drain valve. Repeat this step until the fryer is empty. Remove the drain extension and place it back in holder.
  5. It is recommended to now boil out your fry tank. Follow the BOIL OUT PROCEDURE. Then clean-out as described under CLEANING.


Weekly or when oil is replaced:

  1. Drain the tank as described under FILTERING THE OIL.
  2. Close the drain valve and fill tank with water Use a boil out solid degreaser which can be ordered from your local dealer. Follow the instructions on the side of the package. Do not use chlorine or sulfate/sulfide cleaners.
  3. Solution level must be between the MIN and MAX levels on the fryer tank.
  4. Press the power switch to the on position. Set the temperature knob to 200°F. Water boils at 212°F. Do not bring water temperature to an overly active boil.
  5. Press the start button to begin heating the boil out solution.
  6. Use the tank brush; clean the sides, bottom and heat exchanger tubes.
  7. Place the drain extension in the drain valve and hand tighten only. Drain the cleaning solution from the tank into a container.
  8. Close the drain valve and refill the tank with water. Add 1 cup (1/4 L) of vinegar to neutralize alkaline left by the cleaner. Solution level must be between the MIN and MAX level on the fryer tank. Press the start button to allow the solution to heat up. Allow solution to stand for a few minutes.
  9. Drain the tank according to DRAINING THE TANK. Rinse thoroughly with clear, hot water. All traces of cleaner must be removed. Dry the tank thoroughly.
  10. Close the drain valve and add shortening. Follow the FILLING TANK WITH SHORTENING procedure in this manual. The fryer is now ready for use. Press the start button to begin heating the shortening.


Hot oil and hot parts can cause burns. Use care when operating, cleaning, and servicing the fryer.


Clean your fryer regularly with the tank brush along with a damp cloth, and polish with a soft dry cloth. If regular cleaning is neglected, grease will be burned on and discolorations may form.

Fingerprints are sometimes a problem on highly polished surfaces of stainless steel. They can be minimized by applying a cleaner that will leave a thin oily or waxy film.

    • Clean all exterior surfaces of your fryer at least once daily.
    • Use a damp cloth with warm water and a mild soap or detergent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Do not use chlorine or sulfate/sulfide cleaners.
    • Rinse thoroughly, and then polish with a soft dry cloth.
    • Keep the fryer exterior clean and free of accumulated grease to prevent stubborn stains from forming. If regular cleaning is neglected, grease will be burned on and discolorations may form.
    • Remove discolorations by washing with any detergent or soap and water.
    • Use a self-soaping, non-metallic scouring pad for particularly stubborn discolorations.
    • Always rub with the grain of the stainless steel.
    • Do not use a metallic scoring pad or harsh cleaners.

KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System

Installation and Operational Manual for “ERF” Models

Filtering Instructions for KleenScreen PLUS® Fryers


The KleenScreen PLUS® filtration system filters the oil as it is pumped back into its’ respective tank(s). Only one tank can be drained and filtered at a time. Under no circumstances should both tanks be drained at the same time.


  • After unpacking, wash the filter pan, crumb basket and filter screen assembly. Make sure you remove the insert located inside the filter screen. Use dishwashing detergent and warm water, (parts are dishwasher safe). Rinse the filter pan, crumb basket and filter screen components completely and wipe all parts dry with a clean cloth.
  • Pull out the filter drawer all the way leaving the filter pan opening exposed.
  • Place the filter tank into the filter drawer making sure that the pins on the bottom of the filter pan line up with the holes in the filter drawer. Position the filter screen assembly into the suction tube clip in the filter pan positioning the filter screen assembly flat on the bottom of the filter pan. Place the primary crumb basket onto the left handle of the filter pan.
  • Carefully line up the suction tube nozzle so that it mates with the oil receptacle block mounted on the frame of the fryer battery. Close the drawer. See Figures 1, 2 3 and 4.

Fully assembled filter screen assembly:

Fig. 2



Step 1

Discard all oil from the filter vessel, (see pages 23 or 24). When the filter pan is empty, use a spatula and scrape off all debris left on the filter envelope and in the filter pan.

Step 2

Unscrew “S” Tube from filter by turning the Bottom Knurled fitting counter- clockwise.

Step 3

Remove SST Closure Clip by lifting off one side.

Step 4

Remove SST Filter Screen Insert and wash insert with hot water and dry thoroughly. The Filter Screen Insert is dishwasher safe. Place the insert into a new KleenScreen PLUS® Filter envelope.


Step 5

Place Filter Screen Insert into the fabric envelope making sure that the holes line up. Fold over the other end of the envelope and place SST Closure Clip on – hinge over and firmly press clip all the way down to secure and seal filter assembly. Making sure that the folded end is face down; screw “S” Tube Assembly onto the Filter Assembly. Tighten the Bottom Knurled fitting. When tightened, the “S” Tube assembly should be perpendicular to the long side of the filter assembly.

Step 6

Reposition the filter tube into the provided clip. Align filter tube so that

the end of the “S” Tube engages the Oil Receptacle fitting each time the drawer is opened and closed.


Hot oil and parts can cause burns. Use care when operating, cleaning and servicing the fryer.

Spilling hot frying compound can cause severe burns. Do not move fryer without draining all frying compound from the tank.

Never run water or boil out solution through filter and motor / pump. Doing so will void your fryer warranty.


Oil Temperature should be 300-350° F. Use the provided crumb scoop to remove and suspend crumbs on the bottom of the tank before proceeding to Step 1.

  1. Do not turn off the Fryer. The power must be on throughout the entire filtering process.                                                                                                                                                          Do NOT heat the fryer during the filtering procedure. Permanent damage to your fry tank may occur and warranty may be voided.
  2. Vulcan recommends adding an oil treatment media to the oil prior to filtering.
  3. Make sure that the filter drawer is closed completely and that the suction tube and receptacle block are in the correct position. Fig. 5

Fig. 5


Open the filtering drawer approximately 1” to allow any oil in the return line to run back into the filter pan. This will take about 30 seconds to complete. Then open the drawer completely to clean filter components.

  1. Pull the filter drawer out and remove the crumb basket and empty any debris into the trash.
  2. Remove the filter screen assembly. Scrape debris from the filter screen. Then remove the insert by unlatching the latch. Clean all parts thoroughly.
  3. Scrape debris from the bottom of the filter pan and discard in the trash.
  4. Reassemble all filter components after being dried thoroughly.
  1. Follow filtering instructions 1-3, however do not put oil treatment media into the fryer. Drain the fryer oil into the filter pan.
  2. Attach the quick disconnect hose to the discard male quick disconnect fitting, (hose not supplied with fryer – Accessory Option).
  3. Place other end of the discard hose into a container that is large enough to retain the discarded shortening.
  4. With the power switch still ON; pull the Yellow Discard Handle Lever Rod towards you. Press the FILTER switch and the Motor/Pump will begin to operate. NOTE: Oil will come out immediately out of the nozzle end of the hose.
  5. Once the oil has been discarded completely and the filter pan is empty, push the Discard Lever back in. Press the FILTER switch to the OFF position to stop motor/pump.
  6. Disconnect the discard hose. The hose connection will be hot due to the temperature of the oil that was discarded. Be careful to let the hose drain before putting away. Close the drain valve and fill the fry tank with new oil.

Use the Boil Out By-Pass™ drain extension allowing the boil out solution to exit the fry tank without using the filtering system. Do not allow water to run through the motor / pump. Drain the boil out solution into a bucket or place a hose on the end of the drain extension allowing the other end to flow into a floor drain. In Fig. 6 the arrow is pointing to the drain extension. It is threaded into the top coupling of the oil drain tube. Drain extension needs to be only hand tightened.

Boil Out By-Pass™ Extension Tube                                                                                         Fig. 6


The motor/pump supplied with the filtering system has a thermal overload protection circuit that senses when excess heat occurs due to filtering for long periods of time or under heavy load prior to discarding debris buildup. If the thermal overload protection is tripped, wait 5 minutes and then reset the motor by pushing in the red button. The arrow in Figure 7 shows the location of the reset button; located on the front of the motor / pump facing towards you.

                       Fig. 7


Hot oil and hot parts can cause burns. Use care when operating, cleaning, and servicing the fryer.

 Spilling hot fryer compound can cause severe burns. Do not move fryer without draining all frying compound from the tank.

Service in the US and Canada

Contact your local Vulcan-Hart Service office or address on the front of this manual.

In Australia

Contact Hobart Food Equipment PTY. LTD., 16 Hilly Street Morlake, N.S.W. 2137 Australia;

P.O. Box 100, Concord N.S.W. 2137; Tel: (02) 9736 1200; Fax: (02) 9736 1555.

Troubleshooting Chart:
Problem:Probable Cause:
No Heat:Power switch not turned on.

Wire connections loose (call service) Wires connections need cleaning High Limit (call service)

Insufficient or too much heat:Temperature not set to desired temperature. High limit tripped (call service)

Temperature probe (call service)

Tank will not drain:Shortening too cold.

Drain pipe clogged with debris.

Motor / pump will not pump oil:Suction tube not seated correctly in receptacle block. Filter screen is clogged and needs cleaning.

Shortening is too thick / cold. Heat oil up to min. 300º F. Discard valve lever not fully engaged either for filtering or discarding.

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