Turbo air – Horizontal Open Display Cases – spec sheet

Horizontal Open Display Cases

Low Profile

Glass Side Panel

Model : TOM-30LW(B)-N

Patented Self-Cleaning Condenser

This product is equipped with a fine mesh filter to the front of the condenser to catch dust, and a rotating brush that moves up and down daily to remove excess buildup outward and away.


  • Self-Cleaning Condenser

The accumulation of dust in the condenser can cause the failure or breakdown of refrigerators. Refrigerators run normally until they reach a certain level of accumulation. At some point, when they are over the limit, their performance drops quickly resulting in damage to, or disposal of the stored products inside. The Self-Cleaning Condenser device keeps the condenser clean and prevents system failure by automatically brushing daily.

  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants (R-290)

With innovative and eco-friendly technology, Turbo Air brings you hydro- carbon refrigerators designed to meet the new standards of the EPA and DOE in 2017. Hydrocarbon refrigerants do not deplete the ozone layer and have very low contribution to global warming (ODP-0, GWP-3).

  • Modern design

By integrating great contours with durable structures, our modern style product designs are user-friendly while maintaining the highest product visibility and aesthetics. Safety reinforced tempered glass front shield and side walls optimize the merchandiser’s display effects of fresh salads, sandwiches, desserts and beverages. Its elegant contemporary euro design will enhance any store application. Ideal for eye-catching displays and convenient access with fast service in high traffic areas.

  • 300 series stainless steel interior standard including back wall and deck pans
  • Standard back-guard improves airflow
  • Stainless steel solid shelves standard
  • Perforated interior back wall & top for improved air flow
  • Foamed with polyurethane, high-density cell insulation (CFC free)
  • Front air intake and rear air discharge
ModelCU./FT.# of ShelvesHPAMPSCrated Weight (lbs.)L x D x H


TOM-30LW(B)-N5.111/36.734028 x 345/8 x 461/8

Ver.20180326                                                                                          * For the ‘Stainless Steel Front Panel (SF)’ options, please allow 8-10 weeks lead time for shipping.

Horizontal Open Display Cases

Model : TOM-30LW(B)-N

Plug TypeNEMA 5-15P
Full Load Amperes6.7
Compressor HP1/3
Net Capacity (cu. ft.)5.1
Ext. Dimension (L x D x H) (in.)28 x 345/8 x 461/8
Int. Dimension (L x D x H) (in.)251/2 x 24 x 171/2
Net Weight (lbs.)257
Gross Weight (lbs.)340
# of Shelves1
Shelf Size (in.)251/2 x 103/4
Power Cord Length (in.)591/8

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

Actual shipping weight may differ due to extra packing materials for product protection.

2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Additional 3 Year Warranty on Compressor


Anti-corrosion coated evaporator Simple plug-in installation

Patented self-contained system, no plumbing required White and black color come standard

Solar powered digital thermometer

Digital electronic thermostat with defrost control LED lighting interior

Recommended operating conditions:

TOM models are designed to operate in an environment where temperature & humidity do not exceed 75°F and 55% respectively.

Units should not be installed near HVAC vents, fans or doorways that will disrupt the air curtain and compromise the function of the cabinet.

Air curtain models will run most efficiently when completely loaded with product.


4” caster, ½” diameter & 13 TPI: G8F6500101 (non-brake), G8F6500201 (w/ brake)

Top display dry cases: TOMD-30LW(B) (Low), TOMD-30HW(B) (High)

Night cover: NCT-30-W (White), NCT-30-B (Black)

* Night cover option won’t be able to apply on TOM-LW(B)/SW(B)-N models if TOMD-L/HW(B) dry case is already installed on top of the unit.

Price tag channel: P3000000ZK (251/2”L)

Stainless steel front panel available: TOM-LW(B)-SF-N (extra lead time will apply, please call factory for more details to order)

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